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Ask people what they fear and feel uncomfortable with and often they will tell you at the top of their list is change.

In reality it is not that we are afraid of change, nor are we so in love with our current ways, what we actually fear is that place in between.

That place where we feel we are "in limbo", as if everything is "up in the air" - our lives feel as if suddenly there is nothing left to hold on to.

Just like being between two trapezes - we are fearful of letting go of one until we are sure of the other.

- If you are feeling frustrated with any aspects of your life
- Seeking happiness which appears elusive
- Wanting Peace of mind, Motivation, More choices
- If you are fed up with finding yourself making the same choices you
always make, (and of course, getting the same results)
- If you want help moving your life forward and are ready to take the leap..

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then change coaching is for you!

"Success comes only when you change wishing for something into
doing something to make your wish come true."

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Tips on Motivation

Start each day afresh! Don't let past disappointments get you down
Don't drag yesterdays frustrations into tomorrow
Don't wait - start now!
It is very difficult to get yourself motivated while you are waiting for an external force to spur you on. The longer you wait the more difficult it is to actually do anything. It is easier to motivate yourself when you get into action mode!
Change the way you look at things
For example: If something strikes you as boring - but its a job that must be done. Find the rewards in the task and focus only on the benefits it will bring you in the end, and let that be your motivation.

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Mentoring for Holistic & Complementary Health Practitioners

Geraldine has over 16 years experience in complementary therapies and is able to mentor those new to the profession, those seeking a new slant on their particular therapy or those wishing to share a problem with someone else.
Available as telephone or e-mail support, or 1-2-1.
Affordable and cost effective.

If you are seeking mentoring and /or peer supervision
Call 01730 300934 for an informal discussion, terms, costs etc.

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