"Words of Comfort, skillfully administered......
.........are the oldest therapy known to man"
Louis Nizer

There are times when simply telling someone how you feel, telling them your troubles and fears, is in iteslf a great relief...but in our modern world, people with the time and inclination to be really effective listeners are often hard to find. We don't want to burden others with our troubles and problems, we worry that other people might eventually turn away from us, avoid us altogether or make excuses not to listen.

A counsellor is a trained listener who will never feel put upon or want to tell you their troubles in return. They will not judge you or pity you. However, a good counsellor is so much more than a sympathetic ear.

Good counsellors will create a climate for their clients to change and grow. To safely explore their feelings, even in difficult times. They will listen with real empathy and understanding, they will always value and support their client unconditionally.

Counselling here at LifeChangers is strictly confidential and complete discretion is assured. A Code of Conduct is adhered to.

Counselling is usually seen as short term therapy, however there is no "right time" - (NB no-one is ever tied into long contracts for treatment) - some people will only require a few sessions to set them on their path to recovery - others may require more, it is always your choice.

For further details, or to make an appointment
PLEASE CALL 01730 300934

Please see your GP if you are suffering from any undiagnosed health problems, natural health therapies are complementary to any treatment you are receiving from your doctor NOT an alternative.

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