CBT - How can it help?

"It is not the things of this world that hurt us, but what we think about them" Epictetus

What type of problems can be helped with CBT?

Anger Management
Issues around Abandonment
Alcohol abuse
Chronic and Acute Pain Management
Eating Disorders
Free Floating Anxiety
Relationship issues
Self Esteem issues
PTSD & Trauma
Self Harming
Sleep Disorders
Social Phobias

CBT Helps to remove the connection between negative situations and the cycle of habitual reaction. It sets out to empower the client to be able to calm both the body and the mind and as a result be more positive

CBT tends to focus on the present not the past, it is aimed at problem solving. It is regarded as a short term therapy and is goal oriented. Average treatments are 1 session (lasting 50 mins) per week/per fortnight for between 3 and 7 months.

CBT is not the same as counselling, psychiatry, coaching or hypnotherapy and not everyone is suitable for CBT treatment.

Like most therapies CBT is not a magical, guaranteed cure for all ills, and it would be unrealistic to expect it to be so, however, for many it offers new ways of coping, new ways of looking at problems and solutions.

CBT is can be carried out face to face and/or via telephone and e-mail, which some people find much more convenient to fit in with their everyday lives.

CBT Aims:-
To teach skills for dealing with problems in addition to succcessful proven coping strategies.
Changing Behaviours and Beliefs
Dealing with Negative thoughts

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